Artificial Geniusness

Ipods have been a part of everybody’s everything since they were released back in 2001.
And while the makers have improved its durability they are designed to ensure the consumer will “upgrade” their ipod unit and keep buying new models. Which of course I’m a big sucker for.
I just purchased the new ipod 120g classic (because carrying a lot of music in a small box is still more of a novelty to me than colour or “touchability”).

With all recently released ipods comes the new “Genius” feature. This essentially runs off the idea of programs like Last FM; the Genius component “learns” the similar stylings of your songs.

So you select a nice mellow tune, like The Acorn’s Hold Your Breath and the Genius will compile a playlist like:

Hold Your Breath 5:54 The Acorn

Night Windows 4:36 The Weakerthans

Seeds of Night 5:05 The Cave Singers

Waiting For Summertime 4:55 Yeasayer

Your Legs Grow 2:46 Nada Surf

Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car 4:33 Iron & Wine

Brother 3:43 Annuals

The Plot 3:32 White Rabbits

So Low So High 3:58 Maps

All The Wine 3:15 The National

It’s not always entirely accurate (often it will choose the music based on the typical sound of the artist, rather than the song). But I’ve heard this improves over time.

I don’t know whether to be excited or scared about the fact that ipods no longer simply bring music to your ears, they get in your head too…

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