Catching Bullets in our Teeth

Sorry for the major lack of posting lately! I got a new job about 5 weeks ago in another state and I don’t have personal internet access there yet(which I must say is driving me up the wall).

Lately I’ve been watching Nip/Tuck. It took me a while to get into this show and you really have to pay attention and follow closely to understand what’s going on but it’s got so much going on that if you do that you won’t be bored of it even for a moment.
The gritty portayal of two men’s plastic surgery business explores corners of the mind and body I have never even paused to consider.

Somewhere through the second season the creators introduce a new menace in Miami (the harsh glitzy city in which the series is set); the carver! As he rapes his victims and carves sickeningly broad smiles into people’s faces Sean and Christian (the lead partners of the show) do their pro-bono best to repair the damage.

This of course gets under the Carver’s skin and the series really starts rollercoastering from there. The clever thing, though, is that the creators are sure that the other storylines are not interrupted or postponed. Rather, they’re all weaved constructively together.

I’m yet to see what happens after the first one or two episodes of season 3 and i’m hooked now; determined to watch on.

Below are a list of songs I’ve been listening to lately. The first up is Tunng. The theme of their latest album fits in well with Nip/Tuck actually as a lot of the lyrics concern matters of the body. They’re playing at the Sydney Festival in January, along with a host of other amazing talents like Andrew Bird, The National and Joanna Newsom.

Perhaps the most exciting artist to play in Sydney though is Sufjan Stevens! Finally I’ll be seeing my favourite music guy! I’ve also added his latest “released” song, “Ring Them Bells,” a cover of Dylan from the new soundtrack I’m Not There.

Tunng – Arms [buy]

Sufjan Stevens – Ring Them Bells [buy]

Lior – Landslide [buy]

Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found

Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You [buy]

Radiohead – Reckoner [buy]

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