Weekend Winddown 3

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I didn’t watch for too long but the Lunar Eclipse was spectacular last Tuesday night! It was a clear night, the milky way was visible and the red moon reminded us all of our teensy size in the universe.

I bring you another Weekend Winddown mix on this the first day of spring!

Bat for Lashes – Moon and Moon (live on KCRW)

This Bat for Lashes song is unreleased so far (even though she brought an album only just this year). What an amazing song though! And well, with the lunar eclipse last week and all I figure the timing fits too.

Radiohead – Gagging Order [buy]

I finally found this rare-ish Radiohead album of bsides the other week! The album, Com Lag, was rereleased here earlier this year. You can also find the Four Tet remix of “Scatterbrain” on there so it’s a good compilation!
I always like the way Thom Yorke takes a phrase and uses it in a different context: Move along, there’s left to see…

Beach House – Master of None [buy]

I heard Beach House a while ago and they didn’t take with me. Probably because I had the volume turned down. They do the creepy quiet sound well though and the melody of their songs, though buried beneath the sound, sticks with you like a slow waltz for ages. “Master of None” is my favourite track.

Caribou – Melody Day (Four Tet Remix) [buy]

I heard this Caribou song earlier this year and I remember being impressed with the way they’ve modernised the 60s groove styling. The album is very psychedelic and cool! But it also has this variety of sounds too. It’s not all “groovy” and upbeat.
And I’ve come to the conclusion that Four Tet don’t know how to do bad remixes. They’re just so good at what they do. This time they wind the song right down and spin it out a little more.

Tunng – Take [buy]

The unique sound Tunng use is basically a combination of folk and electronica. Not new but they do it extremely well. The melody is usually pretty basic but very catchy and they use a variety of instruments to keep you listening all the way through, as they build up the song. They also have a talent for creating a bassline with their vocals. “Take” comes from the forthcoming album, “Good Arrows.”

Turin Brakes – Dark on Fire [buy]

I’ve always quite liked Turin Brakes. I bought their first two albums on sale both times for $10. I bought the first one on the strength of “Underdog (Save Me)” and then the second album on the first album’s strength. I’ve never gotten sick of them. They have a really good acoustic sound and the lead singer has an amazing voice with a range he seems to expand more and more each time an album is released. I didn’t get into the country stylings of the third album but this song, “Dark on Fire,” from the upcoming album promises a return to form with even stronger song writing.

The Epochs – Head in the Fire

Who are The Epochs? I went to their website and it took me to their myspace page. I haven’t seen any music of theirs on sale anywhere. All I know is that I love this song and “Opposite Sides” (which you can download for free from their myspace page) and that they’re quite different from one another. OS is an upbeat 90s sounding song. “Head in the Fire” is an acoustic strolling melody slow song. If you can do upbeat and downbeat songs equally well, chances are the debut album will blow us all away. Too bad they’re still so unknown.

The One A.M Radio – Mercury [buy]

I’ve gotten into The One A.M Radio so quickly it’s not funny. I heard “In the Time We’ve Got” and I knew I’d love these guys. I don’t know much more about them but this song “Mercury” reminds me of the Notwist a lot: which is a high compliment!
Can’t wait for this album to be released here!

Beirut – Nantes [buy]

Zach Condon of Beirut promised us good things when he released an EP last year, which included the mindblowing and moving song “Elephant Gun.” This guy takes gypsy folk and makes it more palatable to the casual ear, as he universalises the sound. He has an amazing voice too! Thanks to the bloggers a bunch of tracks from his upcoming album have just been leaked and it’s all as emotionally astounding as he promised! If you download only one song from this winddown mix it has to be this song!

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