Falls Festival Lineup Announced!

Cansei De Ser Sexy at last year’s festival.

This year looks to end with a bang for me when I go to the Falls Festival with some old uni buddies. I’ve never been before and have wanted to go for years.

The first lineup has just been announced!

This year those lucky enough to purchase tickets will get to see:

Kings of Leon
Groove Armada
Paul Kelly
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
The Waifs
Built to Spill
Jose Gonzalez (who I’m seeing tomorrow night, incidentally)
The Go! Team
The Mess Hall
Girl Talk
Kev Carmody
Whisky Go Gos
Neville Staple’s Specials

It’s definately a good start! The Go! Team seem especially cool live, judging from the live audio sets i’ve heard. It will be awesome!

If you’re keen to go your best bet is to sign up for a free account and enter the Subscriber Ticket Ballot on the official website before August 20th.

Built to Spill – Carry the Zero [buy]

The Go! Team – Patricia’s Moving Picture [buy]

Kings of Leon – Fans [buy]

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