Weekend Wind-down # 2

Image of South Beach taken from this site

I’ve been having computer troubles lately so sorry bout the lack of postage (particularly the supposed weekly “Soundtrack Sunday” mixes which haven’t been happening since the first week).

Here’s another mix to wind down the week.

Liam Finn – Second Chance [buy]

I’ve been waiting ages for Liam Finn’s debut album to come out after hearing this song on JJJ. Of course Second Chance is the best song on the album but it’s a strong first step in this guy’s career. Being the son of Crowded House’s Neil Finn he’s sure to do good work (because he has his papa’s voice).

Maps – Liquid Sugar [buy]

Really been enjoying the Maps music lately. Just good electronic stuff with its own unique style.

Sea Wolf – Middle Distance Runner
Not sure where to buy but there’s a “coming soon” message in the store section of Sea Wolf’s website.

Sea Wolf is a lesser known and understated artist. At first listen it seems like any other fair weathered acoustic guitar strumming music. Then you notice the strings in the background, the rhythm maintained not just by the percussion but also in the way the guitar strumming acompanies it, the vocals layered in melodies and harmonies…

Laura Jean – Our Swan Song [buy}

Laura Jean hails from Melbourne and her music slowly grows on you. I was initially disappointed that the album doesn’t quite seem to match the strong pop of “I’m a Rabbit I’m a Fox.” But I’ve noticed that since I’ve owned this album I’ve found myself putting it on when I’m in a quiet mood. Not as background music but as mournful, thoughtful music. Simple Nick Drake-esk songs drawn out with soft touch style. Makes her music more timeless.

Nick Drake – Day is Done [buy]

Speaking of Nick Drake, here’s the first song of his I heard and it’s one of the most beautiful songs he’s written. No wonder he had such an impact on the world of folk.

Loney, Dear – Sinister in a State of Hope [buy]

Similar to another artist I’ve mentioned in the archives, Windmill, Loney, Dear is a guy you’d find in the subpop section (in fact, you can find him on the subpop website). He can sing at a very high vocal range, easily outflanking anyone who might wanna sing along (unless you’re prepared to put on your whiney singing voice). Fortunately this guy can hit the high end without sounding annoying. But what I like most about this guy is that unlike a lot of subpop which is mostly negative he pushes more for playfulness and hope in his songs.

Sia – I Go to Sleep
Not available yet to buy or preorder but this song is also available as a live version on Lady Croissant, if you’d like to buy.

Sia’s finally releasing another album! She just seems to get better and better in her song writing. This song is a Pretenders song, so forgive me for mentioned her song writing abilities without actually providing an example here (however, her you can find her song “Beathe Me” in the archives here). But here she really brings the piano out in the song, which promises more keys on the album (hopefully). That said, I’ve heard a few other songs from the upcoming album and piano or not she’s written some outstanding songs! Can’t wait to get it in my hands!

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