First Entry

In this blog I plan to write entries about literature I’m reading, films and television I’m watching, and music I’m listening to.
At some point in time I’d like to post mp3s of music artists’ songs to give people a taste of the range of music out there and give a little free publicity to those artists I feel strongly about. There will probably be a strong focus on Australian music since few music blogs seem to share the wealth of sound coming from my home country.

I’m not posting mp3s at this stage because I still need to iron out the legal and technical kinks.

This is my first blog and I don’t own a myspace so I’d love plenty of feedback from any who happen to stumble across this blog.

The main drive of this blog is for me to keep writing. I have just finished a university degree and since I studied English I know I will miss all the creative and wanky academic writing as I enter the working world.

2 Responses to “First Entry”
  1. Aurora says:

    Sounds good Has Been that Never Was. I’m looking forward to your views on all things visual and aural. Perhaps a few comments on a certain mother and daughter who live in Stars Hollow?

    And I don’t know. You could become A Has Been that Never Was.. But Still May Be

    Stranger things have happened in the big city.

  2. A Has Been That Never Was says:

    Thanks aurora!

    Hopefully I can avoid boring chatter and come at things from a different angle.

    For now, I’ll see how I go with the chatter:)

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